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Dating Prospect klisman

Lezhe, Albania

Dating Prospect berkras

Tirana, Albania

Dating Prospect detti22

Tirana, Albania

Dating Prospect klajdi

Durres, Albania

Dating Prospect nami

Priske (Dajt), Albania

Dating Prospect annebonny

Tirana, Albania

Dating Prospect dido

Tirana, Albania

Dating Prospect fabi

Tirana, Albania

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30, male, Single

Ashtabula, United States

I like to learn about other cultures in the world. I always have pride for Albanian roots. I like arts and think you should be able to learn from the past. It is good to have strong feelings, opinions but it should be possible to learn from other ideas. Woman should be humble with man and learn from him (and each other) without resenting him.

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26, female, Single

Sun Village, United States

I am very peaceful, and self aware. I am dedicated to living as, and maintaining a connection to my highest self.I believe in letting our souls and energetic signatures guide our way to a deeper connection. I don't force these (or any!) processes. I like to adjust my vibration before engaging, and do only what I feel called and guided to do. I resonate very strongly with the quote and belief that "Nothing matters except love."I regularly work to let everything go to keep a clear space and head. I believe myself to be an infinite being ~ other labels (and any other restricted/3D conversation style/topic) feel like suffocation. I have high sensitivities where physiology and stimulation is concerned, and I need lots of silence and solitude. I do have a sense of humor (I can laugh at myself), and I know that I'm still playful, too. Just don't have anyone to expand and share joy with. I feel like I am very different to most; it would be nice to find some who I feel can resonate with or who could complement my energy signature, and create some balance and support for myself

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37, female, Single

Crowley, United States

it pretty wonderful to join this family via the internet, am looking for good friends to talk to and be trust in them, since no body can predict the next second what will happen in an out going type of lady but shy

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54, male, Divorced

1 Yuan, China

I am an outgoing person, love dancing, music and reading. I love learning new things and making my partner happy. I love a stress free life and do not like drama.

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38, male, Single

Hambruecken, Germany

Hi Girls I Love albanian Girls mi Hobby is gym and Tuning Cars Life your live and Love the live ..........----..........

Dating An Albanian - Albanian Dating

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Tirana, Albania

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Tirana, Albania

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Tirana, Albania

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Tirana, Albania

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Tirana, Albania

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Babrru, Tirane, Tirane, Albania

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Tirana, Tirane, Tirane, Albania

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Tirana, Albania

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Durres, Albania

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Pogradec, Albania

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Bradashesh, Albania

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Babrru, Albania

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Tirana, Albania

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Tirana, Albania

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Elbasan, Albania

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Fier, Fier, Fier, Albania


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